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The following are some miscellaneous sexual health and harm reduction resources. These are provided as part of our work, but PrEP207 is not affiliated nor do we endorse the resources below. Like any online resource use your best judgment and consult with professionals as needed.

Syringe Exchange & Safe Use

COVID Safer Sex Resources

Safer Sex and COVID 19

Queer Safer Sex Resources

Trans Resources

  • The Sex You Want is an excellent, trans inclusive gay/bi/queer/same-gender-loving/MSM safer sex website

  • Grunt is an informative —and hot!— Australian safer sex site for gay and trans men. 

  • Similar to Grunt, Primed was developed by Gay/Bi/Queer Trans Men’s Working Group in Ontario, Canada.

  • The Center for Excellence in Transgender Health at the University of California San Francisco strives to has some wonderful trans health resources.

Better Topping & Bottoming

  • Vice gives us a new perspective in this article on the potential risks of douching before sex

  • Blindjaw has some great advice on how to clean your ass before anal play in this animated webcomic.  

  • Interested in improving your bottoming skills? Read this article by Beastly (aka Alex Cheves), a gay sex blogger!

  • Interested in improving your topping skills? Don't worry, Beastly's got you covered for that one, too! Read up here for some valuable advice on topping.

Stigma Busting & Communication

HIV Policy

About HIV

HIV: A Complete Guide by Khan Academy 

  • This series explains the biology behind HIV and provides scientific explanations regarding how HIV works. Easy to understand, this video series is good information for anyone who is curious about the science behind HIV/AIDS

"Patient Zero"

  • "Patient Zero" is a podcast episode of WNYC'S RadioLab that provides information on the history of AIDS and epidemiology as a whole. 

The SciShow's Specials on HIV

Healthcare Resources


  • Are you looking to get health insurance via the Affordable Care Act/Mainecare? Enroll207 allows you to enroll and to learn more about what Mainecare can provide you.

Maine Consumers For Affordable Healthcare

  • Maine Consumers for Affordable Healthcare (MCAHC) is a Maine-based health advocacy and consumer assistance hotline. Their mission is to "advocate for Maine people to be heard, respected, and well-served in a health system that provides coverage, access and quality, affordable care to all." Additionally, MCAHC runs a consumer hotline that provides answers for your questions on how to enroll in Mainecare.

    • To get your questions on Mainecare answered, call MCAHC's hotline at 1-800-965-7476. The hotline is open from 8:30AM-5:30PM Monday-Friday. ​

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